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Penguins Two chinstrap penguins. Photo taken in Antarctica, December 2007.
Fog Bow A fog bow somewhere in the Drake Passage crossing the Antarctic Convergence.<br>Photo taken in December 2007.
Fog Bow
Chinstrap Penguin Chinstrap penguin. Photo taken in Antarctica, December 2007.
Chinstrap Penguin
Penguins in Queue Chinstrap penguins, Antarctica.<br>Photo taken in December 2007.
Penguins in Queue
Disused boilers Disused boilers from an abandoned whaling station on Deception Island, Antarctica. Photo taken in December 2007.
Disused boilers
Footwear for the Antarctic In our zodiac, these are the ship-supplied footwear that we had to wear when going ashore or going for a zodiac ride. When embarking or disembarking the ship,…
Footwear for the Antarctic