I've had quite a few trips to the states and I still haven't seen all of it yet. This is one big country and with so many regional variations in people, climate and scenery. What a place!
Frank Sinatra  This is a postcard that was given out to all the guests that attended Frank Sinatra's concert at the Desert Inn in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA in June/July 1993. It was a great concert. His voice wasn't what it used to be but he still put up a great performance. I'll always remember that night not least because the cocktail drinks that we ordered were all doubles! It was also the first time that I saw one particular friend drunk for the first time...his mind was telling him to walk in one direction but his body was walking off in a different direction altogether!! Badwater  Badwater in Death Valley, California, USA just after sunset. This point is the lowest depression in the western hemisphere being 282 feet below sea level. It also gets incredibly hot here so take plenty of water. My reflection is the one on the right!  Photo taken in June/July 1993, by  SS Mahal. Near Yosemite  This photo was taken in June/July 1993. We had just come out from the red of the desert and were travelling through the Sierra Nevada. This place is near Yosemite. We're somewhere on the road between Mono Lake and Cathedral Peak in California, USA. My best guess is that we were at Tioga Pass around 3,500 to 5,000 metres in elevation. We had already passed through June Lake and we thought that that was pretty beautiful...and then we reached this place. Gorgeous or what! The white in the foreground is snow. The snow was melting at this point providing fresh water for the lakes. It was sunny and warm, the gentle sound of trickling water, the soft luscious green...oh it was heaven! I wanna go back!!!!!! Half Dome and me  The impressive Half of the many wonders in Yosemite California, USA.  Photo taken in June/July 1993, by  SS Mahal.
Statue of Liberty  Statue of Liberty, New York, USA.  Photo taken in June/July 1993, by  SS Mahal.