I was mightily impressed with the Egyptian relics and its people. Karnak left a big impression on has a wondrous, atmospheric feeling and it must have been something spectacular in its heyday. The people are polite and very friendly. I'd like to go back there one day.
Coloured Canyon Outcrop - Sinai  Coloured Canyon, Sinai, Egypt. A view of an outcrop hiding the sun.  Photo taken in December 1999. Karnak Complex  This is part of the temple complex at Karnak, Egypt. The place is quite large and was added to by each successive pharaoh.  There is a slight discolouration in various areas on this images. This is also on the negative film and I have so far not quite suceeded in removing it.  Photo taken in 1994. Karnak Columns  These are a couple of the wonderful columns at the temple complex at Karnak, Egypt.  Photo taken in 1994. Mt Sinai - Journey Down  View from Mt Sinai on the journey down from the summit, Egypt.  Photo taken in January 2000.
Coloured Canyon  Having a look down at our exit from the Coloured Canyon in Sinai, Egypt. Nice hot day too!  Photo taken on the last day of 1999.