Best. Trip. EVAH! Antarctica, the White Continent. A cruise to Antarctica from the Argentinean port of Ushuaia in December 2007. Words cannot do this any justice. These photos may help.The fantastic wildlife and scenery. The friends that I made. The fun that we had. All this combined to make this trip that little extra special. This was another planet. I was devastated to leave! Best. Trip. EVAH!
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Bird on
Bird on "H" Island
Plant on
Plant on "H" Island
Sea life on
Sea life on "H" Island
Fungus Fungus (used as food by the original inhabitants) in Tierra del Fuego National Park, Argentina.<br>Photo taken in December 2007.
Moon over Ushuaia Moon taken from our Antarctic cruise ship in Ushuaia, Argentina.<br>Photo taken in December 2007.
Moon over Ushuaia
Penguins Two chinstrap penguins. Photo taken in Antarctica, December 2007.