A collection of my paintings
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Oarsman This is inspired by the oarsmen on Taungthaman Lake, Amarapura, Myanmar (Burma).
Orangutan of Borneo Orangutan of Borneo.2011.
Orangutan of Borneo
Spiral minaret Spiral minaret inspired by Samara in Iraq.
Spiral minaret
Spiral Mass Painting done in ArtRage, August 2011.
Spiral Mass
Penguins Penguins, by Kulvinder Singh Matharu.
Old Skull Old Skull - 2009, <br>by Kulvinder Singh Matharu
Old Skull
Halong Bay Halong Bay - 2005<br><br>Painting of Halong Bay, Vietnam. Based on my trip there in 2001.<br><br>by Kulvinder Singh Matharu
Halong Bay
Le Sourire Le Sourire - 2003, by Kulvinder Singh Matharu<br><br>Inspired by a trip to Amsterdam and a review of the life and works of Paul Gauguin.<br>
Le Sourire