Silent Nomad
A traveller with a camera!


Silent Nomad? What kind of name is that? My given name is Kulvinder Singh Matharu, but I rather like “Silent Nomad” as a shorthand for my interests in travel.

I was born in Tanzania but have lived in the United Kingdom since the age of two. At high school, my interests were in earth sciences, physics, and electronics. Maybe to become a geophysicist, oceanographer, or meteorologist? Looking back, I think what I really wanted was to travel!

After leaving school, I studied electrical and electronic engineering, and then took up a career in telecommunications & data networks, which satisfied my early attraction to electronics. Somehow, I also became quite keen on photography, and pedalling furiously on my mountain bike!

When travelling, I enjoy getting off the beaten path and taking photographs. I mean, who doesn’t! The phrase “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints” has been a useful guide, and helped me to create the name “silent nomad” for this site. Here, you will find many of my travel photographs, and a blog which is generally used to provide further context on my photographs.

Have a look, and enjoy!

Kulvinder Matharu