“I am Silent Nomad, a traveller with a camera!”

I was born in Tanzania but emigrated from Tanzania to the United Kingdom at the tender age of two. The UK has been my home ever since.

Growing up in the UK, I developed an interest in science, engineering, geography, and art. At school, my career aspirations oscillated between earth sciences, physics, and electronics, but I eventually settled on studying for a degree in electrical and electronic engineering. After graduating, I took up a career in telecommunications, data networks, and cybersecurity, but I retained my interests in earth sciences and art.

I have also developed a passion in travel photography, pedalling furiously on my mountain bike, and travelling off the beaten path to far-flung places; seeing the natural world, and the people in their varied cultures, is quite exhilarating, and I hope to have captured their beauty and fragility in my photographs. The phrase “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints” has been a guide in my travels, creating a “silent nomad” no less. But I do take more than just pictures, and I leave with more than just footprints; these are memories, emotions, and friendship.

This Silent Nomad website includes many of my images such as photographs and digital paintings. The photographs are generally related to my travels, where I hope to have brought out the magic and character of the places I’ve visited.

I’ve also linked to my blog with articles on various topics but mostly focusing on my photographs where I’m tending to provide further context or details behind some of my photographs. Perhaps there’s something there that might interest you!

You can also catch-up with me at the following sites: