Welcome to Silent Nomad

This site is used mainly to host my photographs and digital paintings.

The photographs are generally focused on my travels, where I hope to have brought out the magic and character of the places I’ve visited.

The paintings are just me dabbling in a combination of e-paint and traditional pen-and-paper.

I’ve also linked to my new blog which can include articles on almost any topic ranging from mountain biking equipment, to colour management work-flows. Perhaps there’s something there that might interest you!

PhotographsThe photographs are predominantly those that I’ve taken on my travels. So, yeah, travel photos. I’ve also added some miscellaneous photos that I think are worth sharing.

The phrase “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints” has been a guide in my travels, creating a “silent nomad” no less.

But I do take more than just pictures, and I leave with more than just footprints; these are memories, emotions, and friendship. I hope you enjoy them.

PaintingsThe paintings a very small collection that I’ve created either directly on a PC or done using pen-and-paper and then scanned for some further processing. These are very basic, but they do allow me to think about light and shadows which I find useful when taking photographs!

If want prints or copies of my photos, or even if you have some questions, do get in touch.

kulvinder Singh Matharu
kulvinder Singh Matharu
kulvinder Singh Matharu