Welcome to Silent Nomad. This site is used mainly to host my photographs and digital paintings. The photographs are generally focused on my travels, where I hope to have brought out the magic and character of the places I’ve visited. The paintings are just me dabbling in a combination of e-paint and traditional pen-and-paper. I’ve also linked to my new blog which can include articles on almost any topic ranging from mountain biking equipment, to colour management work-flows. Perhaps there’s something there that might interest you!

The photographs are predominantly those that I’ve taken on my travels. So, yeah, travel photos. The above link will take you to a showcase of my favourite photos, but also provides navigation to my other photos which provide a story of my travels for instance. The phrase “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints” has been a guide in my travels, creating a “silent nomad” no less. But I do take more than just pictures, and I leave with more than just footprints; these are memories, emotions, and friendship. I hope you enjoy them.

The paintings are a very small collection that I’ve created either directly on a PC or done using pen-and-paper and then scanned for further processing. These are very basic, but they do allow me to think about light and shadows which I find useful when taking photographs.

My blog on various topics, mostly on my photographs where I’m tending to provide further context or details behind some of my photographs.